2007 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

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Home: Gardens of Earthly Delight

PACIFIC SUN   |   March 16, 2007

"Matt Buchholz, landscape designer and owner of Novato's new and enchanting garden shop Suburban Habitat, is the creator of possibly the most unusual garden at this year's show. He created a garden full of plants that are deadly, dangerous and poisonous. "It's a teaching opportunity to show people that the same plants that offer edible fruit can have leaves that if eaten can kill you." Buchholz explains that many avid gardeners are ignorant of the dangers of certain plants, including many he will display, such as daphne, yew, foxglove and even tomato plant leaves—all capable of doing harm if ingested. The upper garden will be one of beauty, serenity and reflection, yet filled with poisonous plants that are commonly found in backyard gardens. Observers will descend a staircase to a temple below with an altar themed after the beginning and end of life and featuring fresh compost, complete with earthworms. Buchholz hopes visitors will leave with an experience they can remember... or else."

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